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Previous Years’ Data

NZCYMRC 6th Data Report (2004 – 2009)

Published online: 5 July 2011

The Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee was established in 2001 and began to collect data from multiple sources in 2002. The information below comes from the mortality review data system and, as explained in the methodology section, has some minor differences but more detail when compared to official national data that is available from the Ministry of Health. Where we describe mortality rates from before 2002, the information comes from official Ministry of Health publications.


As well as the above full version, sections of the document are available:

Below are some graphs from the document to highlight some of the findings.

Figure 1.4: Mortality (age-specific rates) by age group (excluding post-neonatal mortality), New Zealand 1979-2009
mortality by age group graph

Figure 1.5: Infant, neonatal and post-neonatal mortality (rate per 1000 live births), New Zealand 1979-2009
infant mortality graph