22:17:11 Sunday, 29 Mar 2020


If you are a mortality review agent or you want to apply to be an agent, but you don't have an mrams website account yet, please create an account first.

Creating an mrams website account

Creating an mrams website account is a two step process:

  1. Fill in the mrams website account form.
  2. Activate the newly created account through the special activation email sent to your email address.
    • You have 24 hours to do this step once the account form has been filled.
    • If you can't see the activation email, please make sure it did not end up in your Trash or Spam folders.
    • If you miss the activation window, please contact the NZ Mortality Review Data Group.

This account is for using the mrams website (see below), it is not an agent appointment.

Using your mrams website account

Once you have created your mrams website account (see above), you can log in to the mrams website and do the following:

  • apply for an agent appointment
  • view your current/past appointments
  • view your committee summary
  • approve appointments
  • log out

If you forgot your password: get your password reset.

If things just aren't working, contact the NZ Mortality Review Data Group.